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access_time 25.October, 2023 remove_red_eye 1232 All about batteries for heated LENZ products Nowadays, lithium batteries are sophisticated enough to make their lifespan as long as possible. However, there are still tips that can extend their life and preserve their capacity. In this article, we summarize the recommended basic battery care, various tips and frequently asked questions. Battery storageBefore long-term storage, you should completely discharge the batteries and then charge the Continue
access_time 9.October, 2023 remove_red_eye 1981 The Coldest Places on Earth: Where They Are and How Extreme Their Temperatures Get Our planet Earth is home to a multitude of fascinating natural phenomena and locations, some of which are renowned for their frigid and inhospitable climates, where temperatures plummet to unbelievably low levels. In this article, we'll explore some of the coldest places on Earth, where temperatures can drop to levels that are incredibly challenging for human survival.AntarcticaAntarctica is the c Continue