Heated products, thermal underwear, gloves, ski helmets, ski goggles

Choose today from a wide range of heated products, e.g. heated socks, heated insoles, heated gloves, heated vests, heated back belts. We also offer standard products such as gloves, thermal underwear, socks, ski helmets, ski goggles, dryers, heaters and much more...

Heated socks

In our store, we offer heated socks of the brands LENZ, Therm-ic and Sidas.

Heated insoles

Heated insoles are provided by manufacturers LENZ, Therm-ic and Sidas.

Heated gloves

Try Therm-ic, Zanier or LENZ heated gloves and you'll never want regular gloves again.

Heated vests

A big hit are heated vests, which are especially popular with hunters and bikers.

Thermal underwear

We offer thermal underwear for men, women and children of the brands Viking and LENZ.

Ski goggles

UVEX ski goggles belong to the top of the market and offer many color variants.

Ski helmets

UVEX ski helmets for men, women and children.

Bicycle helmets