Terms of use


  1. This web site is operated by company SVK media s.r.o. , with registered office at Zadunajská cesta 16, 851 01 Bratislava, Slovak Republic, Business ID: 46083430.
  2. Buyer accepts the business conditions for the delivery of goods declared by the seller by submitting the order form. Buyer and seller's relationships are governed by these terms of use which are binding on both parties unless otherwise provided in the contract. The terms of use further define and specify the rights and obligations of the seller (SVK media s.r.o.) and its customers (buyers) and in its final version constitute the content of the purchase contract (delivery of the goods) and are an inseparable part of it.
  3. If the form of a purchase contract between the parties is not agreed in written form seller will deliver the goods on the basis of an electronic order and the customer's specifications in the form when submitting an order.



Subjects of the contract are only the items listed in the purchase contract - the order (goods). Weight, dimensions, capacity, price, performance and other informations published on SVK media s.r.o. websites, catalogs, prospects and other prints are non-binding unless they were expressly stated in the contract as binding. SVK media s.r.o. (the seller) undertakes to deliver goods to his customers as:

  • not damaged in accordance with the specification or characteristics for the type of goods
  • complying with the standards and regulations in the Slovak Republic
  • with English instructions, warranty certificate and list of post-warranty repairs if necessary for the type of goods



  • The validity of an electronic order is the fulfillment of all required data in a form. The order is a draft purchase contract. No formal confirmation of the order is required by the seller to conclude the purchase contract. The contract then arises from the goods delivery itself. In a more costly case, the seller may reserve the right to create a contract by confirming the order.
  • The seller is always entitled to ask the buyer to authorize the order in an appropriate way depending on the type of the store (quantity of goods, price, shipping costs, distance, etc.). either by phone or in writing. By declining the seller's order in the required way the order is considered as void.
  • If exists a long-term written purchase contract between the parties the electronic contract specifies and forms an integral part of the written contract.
  • Permanent customers with whom a written purchase agreement is concluded take advantage of the benefits negotiated when signing the contract.
  • The order can be canceled by phone or e-mail within two hours of the confirmation of goods availability and only on working days from 9:00 to 17:00.



The prices offered on www.sportheaters.com website are valid at the time of ordering. Prices listed in the printed price list are valid until the new price list is published. The seller reserves the right to print and price errors and changes in the case of exchange rate fluctuations, a significant increase in inflation, or a significant change in the supplier's terms of supply with the manufacturer and other suppliers of the goods. The purchase price will be considered as paid after the entire purchase price has been credited to the seller's account. In the case of non-compliance with the payment deadline buyer is obligated to pay the seller an extension fee from the value of the unpaid amount in the amount of 0.1% for each day of the extension. The seller reserves ownership of the goods until the purchase price is fully paid.

An invoice issued on the basis of a sales contract between the seller and the buyer is also a tax document. Receipt of goods by the buyer is basically possible only after full payment unless otherwise agreed. The invoice payment due is 5 days from the date of issue.

If there is not defined free delivery the price of the goods is raised by the price of delivery.

If the seller is not obliged to deliver the goods at a specific place under the contract, delivery of the goods is effected by transferring it to the first carrier for shipment to the buyer if the contract provides for the dispatch of the goods to the seller.



The delivery period begins from the date of receipt of the order subjected to obtain all the documents necessary for the prompt delivery. In the case of goods in stock, the seller is obligated to deliver ordered goods to the carrier within 3 working days. The delivery period will be prolonged accordingly if the delay is due to a higher power or circumstances not attributed to the seller.

Most of the goods are largely in stock. However, some manufacturers do not report production failure or delivery delay. If this is an important order the buyer will ask the seller for a written order confirmation. If the ordered goods are not in stock or can not be delivered to the carrier within 3 days they will notify the seller of the expected delivery date or offer another comparable product. In this case, the buyer's approval will be required. The delivery time is deemed to have been met in good time if the goods are ready at the place for delivery at the latest on the last day of the agreement or an additional agreement on the delivery time. If the seller will not be able to send the goods to the customer within 30 calendar days he shall return without undue delay the funds spent by the customer in the current order - transfer to his account.



Currently we offer shipping via DPD courier within the EU and services via Packeta. For shipping within the Slovak Republic we use DPD Home service where you will receive an informative SMS and E-mail with expected delivery time one day before delivery. You can reply to this SMS and update delivery time. For USA we use service of FedEx. For shippment to Other countries we use Slovak Post.

DPD shipping rates:

CountryRateFree from*
Slovakia4.00 €80 €
Czechia, Hungary, Austria9.50 €150 €
Germany, Poland14.00€200 €
Belgium, Croatia, Denmark, France, Netherlands, Italy, Great Britain22.00 €250 €
Bulgaria, Irland, Lithuania, Spain, Sweden27.00 €300 €
USA, Canada50.00 €400 €

* for orders with the minimum value (without applying the discount coupon) is free of charge.



Payment for ordered goods can only be made electronically via the GOPAY payment gateway. Payment is not charged.



The warranty period begins on the date of goods delivery to the buyer. The seller will provide a guarantee for the quality and completeness of the delivery. The product comes with a warranty of at least 24 months (excluding batteries). If the buyer finds a defect in delivered goods, he/she must always immediately send these defects in writing form to the seller but no later than within 3 days of receipt of the goods. Complaint letter must contain the date of delivery, product name, amount complained of, description of the defects and the complaint proposal. The seller is obliged to answer the complaint within 10 days of receiving it.



On February 1, 2016, the Act no. 391/2015 on alternative dispute resolution of buyer disputes and on the amendment of some laws. The purpose of this law is to create a new opportunity for consumers to resolve their dispute with the seller quickly, efficiently, less formally and above all free of charge, with only minimal cost. It is about reaching a mitigating solution, respectively. Agreements between the buyer and the seller to resolve the dispute which upon the agreement of both parties with its wording becomes a binding legal basis.



  • The seller reserves the right to amend and change these Terms of use without any prior buyer notification. In the case of a change in terms of use or the complaint conditions, the entire purchase process is governed by those terms of use that were in effect at the time the buyer sent the goods order and are accessible on the seller's website.
  • An integral part of these terms of use are also complaint conditions.
  • By sending the order buyer confirms he has read terms of use and complaint conditions and accepts them.
  • These terms of use and complaint conditions are available at the registered office of the company SVK media s.r.o. as well as published on the website.
  • These terms of use including their inseparable components are valid from 28.10.2018


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