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All about batteries for heated LENZ products

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Nowadays, lithium batteries are sophisticated enough to make their lifespan as long as possible. However, there are still tips that can extend their life and preserve their capacity. In this article, we summarize the recommended basic battery care, various tips and frequently asked questions.

Battery storage

Before long-term storage, you should completely discharge the batteries and then charge them to approximately half their capacity. If you store the batteries for more than half a year, you should repeat this operation every 6 months. ATTENTION batteries should never be charged to maximum capacity before long-term storage! Batteries should be stored in a dry place with a temperature higher than 10 degrees Celsius.


If the charging process does not start automatically after connecting the charging cables, it is necessary to press the On/Off button on the batteries. How do you know it's charging? The red light on the batteries is permanently lit (on, not flashing). The batteries are fully charged if the green light on the batteries is on or the red light is flashing.

Shorter battery life

If you have owned the batteries for some time and it seems that their capacity is less than when you bought them, you can use a simple trick to restore them to full capacity. Fully charge and discharge the batteries 3 times, then their capacity should be restored.

How to turn off flashing red lights?

After use, the batteries are switched to the so-called stand-by mode, which is signaled by flashing red lights every 2-3 seconds. It can be annoying at times, but as long as you have the batteries paired with your smartphone, you can easily turn off these lights in the LENZ app.

Air transport

With LENZ batteries, you can also travel by air. Most airlines have a limit for transporting batteries of 100Wh. The LENZ rcb 1200 batteries have a capacity of 8.88Wh and the LENZ rcB 1800 has a capacity of 13.32Wh.

What are the colored rubber bands in the package for?

Each pack of batteries contains 3x2 pieces of colored rubber bands. Their primary purpose is to differentiate multiple sets of batteries (if you use multiple heated products or have several in your home). If you pair your batteries with the LENZ app, you assign a heated body part to all batteries. The rubber bands are therefore used to use the same batteries on the part of the body to which they were assigned in the application. This means that if you adjust the heating level on the gloves in the application, the temperature of the gloves and not the socks will be adjusted. Rubber bands are placed in the middle of the battery so that they cannot slip.

If you have other questions that you did not find the answer to in this article, do not hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to help you.

access_time 25.October, 2023