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5 tips on how to enjoy winter hiking

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You know it. As soon as the winter begins, you run up the mountains and hope to enjoy a great dose of snow again. Don't you even admit that winter has not been what it used to be for a long time? Here are tips on how to enjoy the mountains even in the winter without snow. Even if the terrain is not covered with a continuous layer of snow, you should prepare for cold, frost and winter. Do not underestimate your stay in the mountains and perfectly adapt to winter conditions and stay dry.


Before you leave your house, it is best to plan your trip. We should not forget the schedule. Establish at least an approximate departure and arrival home. Keep in mind that it is rather dark in winter, so don't be surprised by the darkness and go on your hike in the morning. If you still want to experience adrenaline and go into the forest under the cover of the night, be sure to choose places you know well.

Think of a sudden weather change

The sun is shining, you are climbing uphill and gradually dropping warm layers of clothing. You can't even realize how the sky suddenly overcast and rain or snowstorm has come. In such cases, the ideal solution for you is to have a Plan B. Nothing happens when you throw clothes in your backpack that will keep you warm and so you can stay dry.

Keep your feet dry

How to dress for hiking? Choose the ideal solution when you wear more thin layers of functional clothing to keep your clothing from moving. The cold is spreading from below, so your feet should stay in the dry first. Be sure not to wear new hiking boots that you have only tried in the store so far, as they might bother you. The popularity of mountain lovers enjoys different types of socks that will keep your feet warm even in extreme weather. Choose compression, thermo or heated socks. Compression socks are versatile and can be used in various sports. Tourists prefer it especially because they perfectly adapt to the left and right leg, are odorless and their seam is sewn by hand. If you want to have your feet in cotton and winter sports, and you often have cold feet, you should definitely try heated socks. Haven't you heard of them yet? Not only are they made of comfortable material, they also include a high-quality heating element that keeps the foot in ideal temperature.

Choose suitable clothes and do not underestimate the additional equipment

Pack the most important ones with you. Appropriate footwear, warm clothing and hiking accessories are the alpha and omega when visiting the mountains. Since childhood, mothers have dressed us like onions. For field trips, you should choose the same way of dressing and layering onion from high-quality thermal underwear to thermal insulation and protective clothing. When you get warm and warm, you will have no problem gradually removing one layer of clothing. Do not forget to pack spare clothes such as socks, hats, gloves or thermal clothing. If you are planning a longer stay in the cold mountain air, your hands will surely thank you, unless you forget to pack heated gloves in your backpack. With this tip-top glove you will enjoy the winter to the fullest. Do you remember skiing when you could hardly feel your fingers? Heated gloves contain a heating element, so your hands are always warm.

Happiness wishes you ready, so you should not forget about additional equipment. Before the hike, you need to make a list of things that should be an integral part of your backpack. But don't take too many things. Even a heavy backpack can trouble every tourist. If you are looking for a more challenging hike, be sure to attach cats to your backpack to allow you to move on difficult terrain.

Do not take unnecessary risks

If you have mastered your preparation for winter hiking in the mountains, do not underestimate the mountains as such. They are devious. Mountain rescuers help day-to-day tourists who find themselves in a dangerous situation as well as those who risk unnecessarily risking their own routes off the hiking trails. Don't overestimate your skills. Do not risk taking unnecessary photos that you would like to hang on social networks. Unhappiness does not go to the mountains, but to people.

access_time 1.March, 2020