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Comparison: heated socks or heated insoles

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You probably visited this page because you came across heated clothes and asked yourself the question, what is the difference between heated socks and insoles? Which ones should I buy? We have good news for you, you are in the right place. So let's go over the advantages and disadvantages of both products.

Heated insoles

The beginnings of the development of heated clothing are associated with the production of heated insoles. These were designed for lovers of skiing. The heated inserts are structurally composed of an insert which has an integrated heating body at the tip and a thin cable led out behind the heel, which is connected to the batteries. Currently 3 types of inserts are produced:

  • flat - the basic model, which is not shaped and is standardly produced in one size (possibility of cutting to the required size)
  • shaped - also called 3D insoles, are shaped and suitable especially for problems with flat feet
  • heating elements - in simple terms, it is a sticker with an integrated heating element which you stick on your own insert. This is an ideal solution if you have custom-made molded inserts that you want to continue to use

Heated insoles are only suitable for use in ski boots and snowboard boots. Wondering why? The problem is the need to attach the battery. The power cord opens into the base of the insole and must be connected to the battery. The battery must then be attached somewhere for which skiers or snowboard boots are suitable. In the case of regular footwear heated insoles are not suitable because you have nowhere to hold batteries.

Heated socks

Heated socks came gradually when the need for heated feet began to appear in ordinary footwear. The fact that battery technology has made great progress has also had a great influence on the development of such socks. Smaller, lighter and more powerful batteries began to appear on the market which was a problem until then. For socks, the batteries are attached with two studs directly to the sock in the area below the knee. Yes, socks are higher but for practical reasons. After attaching the battery, fold the hem of the sock over the attached battery to better fix the battery. You don't have to worry about the batteries interfering with you in any way. They are ultra light and very small, so you won't even feel them.

Heated socks have the following advantages over insoles:

  • no cords, the battery is mounted directly on the sock
  • heating of the whole tip (from top / bottom)
  • possibility of wearing in any shoes (even without shoes)
  • possibility of washing in the wash machine
  • LENZ manufacturer - sock batteries are also compatible with heated gloves and vests


If you've read this far, it's clear to you that heated socks are the absolute winner of the comparison. We can honestly write that heated insoles have no positive against socks. In our online store you will find a wide range of heated socks from the LENZ, Therm-ic and Sidas brands, you just have to choose.

access_time 4.November, 2020