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What are compression socks?

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Compression socks have recently become increasingly popular. But what are their benefits and when to decide to buy them? We will summarize all the essential information in the following article.

How compression socks work

The main difference between compression socks and classic socks is their width and the materials used. Compression socks are narrower and create more pressure on the foot - compression. This speeds up the blood circulation, which leads to a faster supply of oxygen to the muscles and thus to a faster removal of harmful substances. This allows the muscle to work better.

Another effect is that compression strengthens the muscles and prevents them from shaking, which results in the muscles getting tired more slowly. Compression also protects against micro-injuries of muscle fibers, protects the achyl tendon and also significantly accelerates regeneration. It is also an excellent tool against muscle cramps.

When is it good to wear compression socks

Compression socks are good to wear not only during sports performance, but also after it. As mentioned, they contribute to faster regeneration. It often happens that after a sports performance you have to sit in a car or other means of transport where you do not move at all and your legs start to stiffen. In this case, you should keep compression socks on your feet.

We know from our own experience that compression socks are a great helper even during long flights. Your legs will swell less and you will feel less tired along the way.


Compression socks are a very good helper in the fight against fatigue and for better regeneration. However, it should be borne in mind that they may not be completely comfortable for everyone. If you prefer comfort over functionality, you should probably reach for classic socks. In our offer you will also find heated compression socks from the manufacturer LENZ.


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