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New products LENZ for season 2021/2022

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We have a new winter season here and we must say that the Austrian manufacturer LENZ did not lag behind and prepared very interesting heated products. LENZ is our best-selling brand, so we can't wait to test the new products right on the piste. Let's imagine all the news gradually.


LENZ Heat Vest 2.0 Unisex

After a very successful model of the heated vest 1.0, we have finally seen an improved version. The main change is that the heating elements are variable, which means that you can choose where the vest should be heated. The package of the vest also includes 2 inserts with heating elements (pads) to which you attach the batteries. You can then place these insoles on the inside of the vest exactly where you need, thanks to the strong Velcro fasteners. This system is very simple and effective. The number of inserts is not limited, so if you need heating in several places at the same time, you just need to get more inserts and batteries.

The material from which the vest is made has also undergone a change. The outer layer of the vest is made of polyamide (90%) and Spandex (13%). The inner material remained unchanged - polyamide (100%). The vest is machine washable at 30 ° C and is compatible with LENZ lithium pack rcB 1200 and 1800 batteries.


LENZ Heat Pants 1.0

'We must honestly say that we were most looking forward to this news. Heated pants was a product that we had been missing from the offer for a long time. In the past, this item appeared on the market, but the quality of the design was poor. We were impatiently waiting for LENZ to decide to produce. LENZ Heat Pants 1.0 heated 3/4 pants are great for winter sports due to their length. The battery is attached directly to the waistband and the operation is very pleasant. The heating elements are in the knee area.

What makes us a little sorry is the smaller area of the heating zones. We would personally prefer thigh heating. The material of the trousers is very comfortable and sufficiently elastic. The back outer fabric is polyamide (82%), spandex (18%), the front outer fabric is polyester (100%). The upper textile belt contains polyamide (93.5%) and spandex (6.5%).

The pants are compatible with LENZ lithium pack rcB 1200 and 1800 batteries. If you feel cold on your feet, we definitely recommend these heated pants.


The news did not bypass the gloves either, but we will discuss them in more detail in the next article. However, we must definitely mention the new models:

  • Heat Glove 1.0 Finger Cap Hunting Mittens Unisex - hunting thumb gloves
  • Heat Glove 7.0 Finger Cap Unisex - finger gloves
  • Heat Glove 6.0 Finger Cap Men -men's finger ski gloves
  • Heat Glove 6.0 Finger Cap Women - women's finger ski gloves
  • Heat Glove 6.0 Finger Cap Mittens Unisex - unisex thumb ski gloves
access_time 27.November, 2021