LENZ Heat Bandage 1.0

Manufacturer: LENZ

This LENZ heated back bandage has two integrated heating elements in the kidney and back area. The bandage can be easily adjusted individually using a velcro strap. It provides a natural supportive effect for the spine and relaxes muscles for people suffering from back pain, muscle ailments, rheumatic complaints and tension.

This bandage is compatible with LENZ lithium pack rcB 1800 batteries.

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LENZ Heat Bandage 1.0

The heating level can be regulated via 3 settings on the lithium batteries (not included in the package) or remotely through the LENZ application. The LENZ lithium pack rcB 1800 can heat the belt for up to 7.5 hours.

Package includes:
  • 1x heat back bandage
Technical data

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