Ski helmet UVEX plus 2.0 19/20

Manufacturer: UVEX

Uvex p1us 2.0 is the lightest hardshell ski helmet on the market – safer too. Patented uvex +technology and the specially developed thermoplastic make it possible, resulting in a ski helmet which is 20 % lighter, and even 16 % more robust than required by ski helmet safety standards. Uvex +technology combines an extremely impact resistant outer shell, made from a special thermoplastic, and a shock absorbing inner shell. Resistant, light and safe, an advantage for every skier.

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Ski helmet UVEX plus 2.0 19/20

Wearing a lighter helmet, the forces which act on the neck muscles are significantly reduced. More fun and lower risk of neck injuries in the event of a fall. A clever, active ventilation system ensures draught-free ventilation. The helmet also has a removable, washable liner. uvex p1us 2.0 is width adjustable via the uvex IAS fit system. Ear pads feature uvex natural sound system and don’t reduce ambient sounds.

WEIGHT from 410 g

  • IAS
    The sophisticated IAS system provides optimum helmet size adjustment to different head sizes and shapes by simply turning the adjusting wheel. The space inside the helmet adapts to the perimeter of the head.
  • FAS
    FAS is a fast adaptation system that forms a network of straps anchored inside the helmet. Allows a harder and more secure hold of the helmet on the head.
    Monomatic allows you to conveniently and quickly fasten or unfasten the helmet strap at the touch of a button with one hand.
    The uvex helmets provide greater comfort even in the smallest detail: the integrated spectacle holder ensures a firm hold of the helmet in any situation.
    Hearing protection for added safety. We have developed a special diaphragm for audibility without disturbing elements. The shape of the ears ensures comfort.
    The uvex lining absorbs excess moisture, is antiallergenic and easily removable for cleaning.
    Specially designed ventilation ducts draw in fresh air and dissipate warm air. This prevents unpleasant heat build-up inside the helmet.
    +technology stands for a specially developed thermoplastic. The ultralight outer shell is extremely tough and impact resistant: uvex ultra modern thin wall injection molding technology makes this possible. The helmet combines safety with comfort and is perfect for outdoor use in many climates.
Technical data
from 410g
EPS / +technology

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