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Blog - 2018

access_time 8.December, 2018 remove_red_eye 5 What causes cold feet? Do you often have cold feet even if you are not cold? This phenomenon may have different causes for consciousness. Let's go through them:Stress or anxiety – the body reacts by pumping adrenaline into the bloodstream, causing the blood vessels to narrow and blood flow to the peripheral parts of the body to be reduced. It's a body defensive mechanism that saves energy in case a stressful situation leads to injuries.Problems with blood circulation – Insufficient blood circulation may be caused by sedentary work. Reduced blood flow may also be due to smoking or high cholesterol.Anemia – If the blood does not contain enough functional red blood cells, the cells in the tissues are not adequately supplied with oxygen. A serious illness may cause this case, but sometimes it will help to change the diet. Iron, vitamin B12 or folic acid benefit from blood circulation.Diabetes – Problems with blood circulation may also occur to people with diabetes. High sugar levels can cause narrowing of blood vessels and poor blood circulation. Uncontrolled sugar levels can lead to nerve damage that results in a feeling of tingling, sneezing, numbness or burning of the feet.Nervous disorders – Disease or injury where nerve damage has occurred may be the cause of cold feet. Most often it is the result of frostbite, infection, liver, kidney or geneticsHypothyroidism – In case of absence of thyroid function problems with metabolism occur. It affects the blood circulation, heartbeat and body temperature in the body, so the problems can arise in the form of cold feet. In this case, other symptoms such as fatigue, irritation, or memory problems become more common.HOW TO FIGHT COLD FEETIn case you have a sedentary job you should think of regular walks throughout the day. Physical activities help restore correct blood circulation in the body. Warm foot baths can also help - their effect can last for the whole day.Another option is heaters. These can be in the form of heated socks or insoles. Socks are definitely a better choice because you can use them without footwear and get rid of the cables and batteries. You can use the heated insoles only in shoes, so you probably do not want to sit at home in the boots.If the cold feet problem repeat, you should visit your doctor. There is a likelihood that it is a manifestation of a more serious illness. Sometimes a lifestyle change is enough. Continue
access_time 23.October, 2018 remove_red_eye 10 Welcome in our new shop with heated clothes We want to welcome you on our web site and briefly introduce ourselves, write about our plans and why we are starting this project. The whole idea of creating an e-shop with heated products arised in my head in December 2017. I am professional skicross skier and I have problems with cold feet for many years. I noticed there are some heated insoles on the market, so I started to search on the internet. After a very long search, I found an unnamed e-shop in the Czech Republic. I did not hesitate to order heated insoles. Not really insoles but heated elements for insoles due to the fact that I use custom made insoles in my ski boots.My coach made me think that I'd instead buy heated socks. But I had in mind our 3-4 weeks long trips around Europe. How could I stay with one pair of socks? I was stubborn and now I have to say he was right. Heated elements are not strong enough and in Sweden, at -20 degrees I did not feel them much. My coach had, of course, heated socks and he was joking me all the time...But let's go back to my order in 2017 and the idea of why this e-shop started. When I did my order I knew that "insoles" will arrive in 2 weeks and I needed them immediately. I tried to visit all the ski shops in our town, but they were not in stock anywhere. So I had to wait. And here comes the first idea to create an e-shop with heating products. I'm a skier, and I spend most of the time in cold weather so I can test all the products and present them in skiing community... I'm going to do it!In the summer we started to work on all possible things and after three months we are finally launching our internet shop which was created by my web development company SVK media :)Currently, we offer just LENZ products, but in the upcoming weeks, we will offer you brands THERM-IC, HOTRONIC and VIKING. Believe me, we'd like to have as many brands as possible in our portfolio right now but we're trying to make things in a different way. That's why everything takes a lot of time.We also plan to add other language mutations to the web site, but I will not tell you exact dates. I believe you like our web site and you will become our fans.Keep your fingers crossed and I can tell you we plan some giveaways in next weeks.Tom Continue

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